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The Path of a Jedi Knight

An Unauthorized Biography

In his early years, Marco’s life was never quite complete. While others were off playing Duke Nukem and other such games, Marco decided to dabble in other adventures.

Marco's first stop was at Hogwarts where he wanted to try his hand is wizardry. Things went well early on and he definitely had a skill for Quibbage. However, after a few unsuccessful years living in the shadow of this punk know-it-all kid Harry (and after an uncomfortable incident with Dumbledore that shall not be named), he decided to move on.

He ventured on to middle earth where he found a home in the Shire, where he spent his days producing “pro-farming” videos and his nights drinking with the other hobbits. And it was always quite fun, especially when Gandalf the Grey would stop by because, well... let's just say that he could drink like no other! And everything was great until one day Gullible Gandalf had one too many and started babbling in his paranoid ways about some ring and epic journey that needed to be ventured upon. It just sounded like way too much drama for Marco to get involved in, so he once again moved on.

Wanting to get far away from it all, he found passage on a small ship call Serenity, along with her captain Mal and a few other interesting folk, where he learned how to be a very efficient manager for many of Mal’s “projects.” He traveled with them as far as Jupiter's moon Titan, where he transferred to another ship, called the Enterprise, which was heading out toward deep space on a five-year mission of exploration. Not having any formal military training, Marco severed as bartender in the ship's lounge, Ten-Forward, learning much about the power of empathy. And wow, the people he met and the stories he heard! But after a few years of only hearing stories and not being a part of the action, he wanted more.

So he decided to once again part ways. He beamed down to a passing planet called Coruscant, where spent his time going from one city to the next, one bar to the next. One night, after a long day of developing a new website for the pro-bantha movement, he met a very like-minded guy named Qui-Gon, and over a drunken bet, they ended up joining the Jedi Academy (an ancient religious order of those parts). Not expecting to last very long, he didn't take his early days too seriously. Until the day he came face to face with visiting Master Yoda. In a single moment, and without any words spoken, the peace and wisdom illuminated from this small but powerful creature transformed Marco forever.

From that day forward, Marco dedicated his life's work to the training along side his good friend Qui-Gon. At the appropriate time, Master Yoda took Marco as his own padawon apprentice and completed his training to Jedi Master.

Today, Marco continues to serve the Jedi order, striving to bring peace and order throughout the galaxy…

Character Shots

Lord of the Rings

One ring to rule them all.

Lord of the Rings

My precious.

Lord of the Rings

You shall not pass!

Action Hero

Where's the kaboom?

Harry Potter

After all this time? Always.


Have faith.